Network Cabling and Installation

Are you a Local Exchange Carrier that:

  • Requires a physical link from your point-of- presence (POP) to a customer site?

  • Has a central office (CO) circuit that must be linked to a co-locate customer within the CO?

  • Needs to establish co-locate facilities in an incumbent carrier's CO?
Are you an Enterprise customer that:

  • Is moving to a new facility and requires a communications network?

  • Is upgrading your network?

  • Is experiencing problems with your existing network?

  • Requires moves, adds or changes to your existing network?


NTG Clarity provides standards-based connectivity solutions for structured voice and data Local and Wide Area Networks within commercial, industrial and campus environments. Our services include:

  • UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) and STP (Shielded Twisted Pair).

  • Fibre optic, multi and single mode, fusion and mechanical splicing.

  • Wireless LAN and point-to-point.

  • Physical network planning and design.

  • Network certification and documentation.

  • Horizontal and backbone wiring.

  • Network adds, moves, and changes.

For our Carrier clients, we also offer:

  • Installation of POP and co-locate facilities

  • Vertical distribution from carrier POP to customer facilities

  • Test and activation of voice and data circuits.

  • Installation of carrier circuits ranging from DSO to optical carrier capacity.

  • POP and co-locate site audits and inventories.



  • Nationwide expertise: We've wired nearly 1000 sites across the country.

  • 48 hour turn-around time to our customers on standard projects.

  • Competitive pricing and exceptional quality standards.

  • Professional personnel, both onsite and offsite, who maintain your trust and your company's image.

  • One of the few companies that provides end- to-end service in the telecom industry



  • Database conversion and maintenance

  • Maintenance procedures

  • Training

  • Customer care desk operations

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