Internet Professional Services

Do you require IP support in the following areas?

  • Network Architecture

    • Guidelines & Design Principals

    • Network Topology & Security

    • Peering / Routing Policy

  • Network Development / Technology

    • Technical Service Descriptions

    • Technology Evaluations

    • Network Strategy & Training

  • Network Planning

    • Capacity Reporting

    • Data Analysis & Benchmarking

    • Financial Planning & Processes

  • Network Engineering

    • Project Management & Detail Designs

    • Network Implementation

    • Test & Turn-up

  • Customer Internet Provisioning

    • Provisioning Processes

    • Detail Service Designs

    • System Configurations

  • Network Operations

    • Network Installation

    • Network Acceptance

    • Network Maintenance



NTG Clarity’s Internet consultants work closely with you to understand your needs and provide complete turnkey solutions, with one diversified team. We can handle all aspects of your key IP deliverables, including:

  • Network architecture, technology development, and engineering.

  • Documentation for network architecture, installation guidelines, detail designs, network plans, technical services descriptions, technology evaluations, operations guidelines, SLAs, RFPs, and other IP-related information.

  • Support for on-site implementation of IP equipment, hardware, cabling, and infrastructure.

  • Negotiation and coordination of upstream peering requirements.

  • Liaison for IP vendors and evaluations.

  • Expertise and training to support IP initiatives within your service provider or enterprise networks.

  • Leadership and mentoring for your IP networking team.

  • Effective project management and status communication.

Our team will undertake the complete job or act as consultants to manage and co-ordinate outside contractors.


  • Competitive pricing.

  • Skilled and diversified Networking Engineers with the experience to provide valuable feedback on issues of design and implementation.

  • Effective beginning-to-end site project management that ensures due dates are met and sites are ready for service: on time and on budget.

  • Extensive telecommunications and Internet industry expertise with established networking industry relationships.

  • Ability to provide skilled personnel on short notice.
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