Field Services

In today's market, a service provider needs to launch services rapidly, deliver services faster, and efficiently. NTG Clarity provides a mix of Field Services that includes:

POP EFI&M and Co-Location

NTG Clarity's field service team works closely with our clients to provide complete turnkey solutions with one diversified team.

Our team handles all aspects of the design and installation of local points-of-presence (POP). NTG Clarity can survey, furnish, install and commission a "POP" site according to your engineering specifications:
  • Site Surveys: Provide rack/bay installation layout, cable riser information,overhead iron-framework installation details, false floor or ceiling requirements, environmental conditions and structure information

  • Material Furnishing: Warehousing of installation materials and equipment

  • Installation: Wiring/cabling, mounting of active and passive network elements and fiber splicing & mounting

  • Commission: End-to-end testing, live network augments, expansions, cut- over, rolls, retrofits and decommissioning

  • Quality Assurance

Network Augments

NTG Clarity offers Network Augments in live network environments. The activities involved in Network Augments include network capacity upgrades,installation of new network elements, cards, or modules, retrofitting, traffic rolls and cut-over.

  • Installation: NTG installs active network elements, mounting of passive network elements, fiber splicing & mounting, retrofitting active network elements to upgrade capacity and wiring & cabling

  • Commissioning: With vendor certified specialists part of its team, NTG provide end to-end testing, and live network augment.

  • Quality Assurance.

DC Power: Installation & Commission

NTG provides turnkey installation and commissioning services of DC Power plants suitable for your POP sites and/or Central offices. NTG's experience within a multi-vendor environment allows clients to select the best power platform for the site. NTG services include:

  • Material Furnishing: Warehousing equipment

  • Installations: Mounting DC power plant rack/bay, rectifiers, inverters, Batteries, Ground cabling, Wiring and labeling of power cables

  • Commissioning: testing & commissioning of power plant

  • Quality Assurance


Structured Cabling

NTG offers standards compliant structured cabling solutions. NTG provides a solution for moves, adds and changes, that is responsive and cost effective. NTG services include:

  • Horizontal Cabling System Structure

  • Backbone Cabling Structure

  • Telecommunications Closet

  • UTP Cabling

  • Fiber Optic Cabling

  • STP-Cabling

  • Hybrid and under carpet Cables

  • Modular Wiring Reference



NTG ability provides turnkey wireless network solutions with one diversified team. Our professionals have the expertise to handle all aspects of rural or urban wireless network design, builds, deployments and integrations. Services includes:

  • Site Acquisition

  • Engineering

  • Site Surveyors

  • Material Furnishing

  • Installation

  • Testing and commissioning

  • Live network augments

  • Quality Assurance
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