Circuit Design and Provisioning

Do you:

  • Encounter a high turnover of skilled and talented engineers?

  • Lose money by failing to keep up with customer orders?

  • Face a shortage of skilled personnel for managing the increasing workload?

  • Suffer from a large backlog of orders at certain times of the year?



Our team of experienced consultants provides circuit design and provisioning expertise for a variety of voice and data services, including Private Line, Transparent LAN, ISDN PRI/BRI, Business Lines and Centrex, ATM, Frame Relay and Internet. Our team will:

  • Take care of circuit design, with assignments recorded in your databases

  • Complete provisioning, including:
    • Transport Provisioning (SONET and DACS)
    • ATM Provisioning
    • Router Configuration
    • Switch Translations

    For those who prefer to outsource their circuit design and provisioning, we will undertake all of the work on our own premises while providing a seamless interface with your existing processes and systems.


  • Readily available, highly trained resources to help you keep up with customer orders and maintain revenue flow.

  • Immediate productivity: Our experienced consultants require minimal training.

  • Reduced overhead: No need to pay for equipment and floor space when you outsource circuit design.

  • One-stop provider for all of your engineering and provisioning needs.

  • Ability to provide skilled personnel on short notice.
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